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Kelly Likes It Because It Works!



"So, my schedule is very demanding. I work on average 10 to 12 hours a day. One of the great things about this product, when I get home after a long day at work, a lot of times I don't wash the makeup off of my face. So this forces me to wipe off the makeup and then with two pumps put it on. Within, less than a minute, I'm over and done. My nighttime routine is done in one minutes time. So, on and off, super quick, super easy, and I'm off to bed. I don't have time to spend an hour, washing my face, exfoliating, putting on five different products, waiting 10 minutes in between each product to take. I don't have time to sit in between each treatment every single night, after I've worked a full day of work. I want to be able to clean my face and go to bed. And that's as simple as it is. You wash your face, you wipe this on, you wipe it off and its done. And you see the results immediately."