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Let's be real, if you're active online this year, then you're already aware that "self love" is the indisputable mantra of 2022.  We've all universally decided that this is the year when we will embrace main character energy and make money moves.

But...where is a main character to begin?

At home, of course! We believe main character energy is inside everyone and it shouldn't take a Valkyrie's training regiment to achieve it! A daily routine that is well-balanced between work and play is the key to your 2022.  We've spent the first quarter of our year creating our hero origin story and we're finally ready to share it with you!

"The Sun's Awake, So I'm Awake!"

You don't have to be up at the crack of dawn, but starting your morning with plenty of time before you need to be out the door is important! The stress (and missed breakfast) that comes with rushing yourself to work in the morning takes away from your transition into the new day and starts you off on a bad foot. 

  1. Try waking up 45 minutes earlier than usual (and don't hit snooze!).
  2. Start your day with a glass of room temperature water. You heard us! Room temperature water helps get your digestive system going before breakfast and hydrates you before any doses of caffeine drain your body's delicate hydration balance.
  3. Have your "cup o' joe" sitting down without glancing at your work emails. Don't forget your breakfast! Did you know, fasting for long periods (even "just" from dinner to lunch the day after) can contribute to an increased risk of diabetes? Not to mention, you need that extra protein and sugar a breakfast provides to get you through that 8AM Monday morning meeting!

Stop Singing Those Mid-Day Blues

  1. Break up your day by grazing on healthy snacks!Not everyone is able to stop for a snack every two hours, but if you get five minutes to refuel at your desk, you absolutely should! A clementine serves to boost your bodies carbs, giving you an instant burst of energy, and a serving of yogurt or cheese can keep you going with that protein until lunch!
  2. Water, water, water! Hydration is so important to us at Elphia Beauty, but we want you feeling your best--not just looking it! Get yourself a reusable water bottle you love and use refilling it as an excuse to stretch your legs during the work day.
  3. Lunch should be a break! Fight that ever-ominous burnout by eating lunch away from your desk. Even if you just step away (or turn away) from your computer for five minutes to eat a pb&j, those five minutes are key to a healthy and happy you!

Bedtime Routines Aren't Just For Kids!

  1. Put the blue light away!  Phones have a built in bedtime setting in 2022, you should use it! It's not just the blue light, but the stress of constantly checking your work messages can contribute to poor quality of sleep.  Our rejuvenation serum can get rid of those dark circles, but they can't keep you from sleeping through your morning alarm!
  2. Wash your face. Warm water is perfect to lull yourself into that drowsy, pre-sleep state.  Wash your face using your favourite cleanser. Rinse and dry completely. Then apply our exfoliation gel to peel away the grime of the day.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Not just with water. Overnight is the perfect time to use your favourite Elphia Rejuvenation Serum to prove much-needed moisture to your skin. 

We can't wait to see your main character energy shining through! We've created our Self-Love Bingo to help you achieve that High Lady aesthetic.  It has everything we've talked about plus just a little extra. And, of course, be sure to tag us when you use it!


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