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“Vegan Friendly” - You hear that a lot these days. But what does it really mean? Well we can’t tell you how everyone is going to define it, but we can tell you what it means to all of us here at Elphia Beauty.  Committing to being a Vegan Friendly brand means all of our products do not contain any animal ingredients or any animal-derived ingredients. With all of the advances in science, it is not necessary to exploit the cruelty of harvesting animals for skin care products.

While working to develop Elphia Beauty as a Vegan Friendly brand, we looked to solve one of the largest problems most Vegan Friendly brands face, and that is the fact that they simply do not work. Many brands pack their products full of ingredients that sound organic, but really serve little function. It’s important to understand not only how any one component of your formula works by itself, but also how it works while interacting with other ingredients within the formula.  We worked hard to ensure all of our ingredients work in harmony to provide you with unprecedented results. Whether it’s the powerful AHA Biofruit Concentrate found in our Luxe Exfoliating Gel that gives you instant results, or our Rejuvenation Serum packed full of powerful skin revitalizing oils. We spared no expense searching the globe to find the best Vegan Friendly and ethically sourced components. We all live and share this world and being an ethical producer of beauty products that actually work is very important to us.

To find out more about each of the ingredients we use in our formula’s, visit the FAQ section of our website by clicking here.

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