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We sat down with women from all walks of life to get their honest review of our Luxe Exfoliating Gel and Luxe Rejuvenation Serum. Some of them had been using our products for months and some are using it for the first time. See the amazing experiences each of them have had, but don’t take our word for it, listen to what they have to say!

Beth Believes It Is the Holy Grail of Exfoliators

"I tried the Luxe Exfoliating Gel and I must say I was really impressed. I have tried many types of exfoliating products, acids, peels, scrubs and with my sensitive skin I just found that a lot of them irritated me. I didn't get the results I was looking for. I use a lot of retinoids and retinols and those do make your skin flake and peel, and they, they dry your skin and you don't want that crackley, peely skin under your makeup. So with this, I found that, my skin was just baby smooth by the next morning. I was very surprised. I looked in my magnifying mirror and thought, "Oh my goodness, I'm onto something." So, I was just, you know, pretty blown away at how well it worked and then, when I put my makeup on, my skin still looked really flawless and smooth. And I thought, well maybe I finally found the holy grail of exfoliators. So, I highly recommend this product and it really worked well for me."

Kelly Likes It Because It Works!

"So, my schedule is very demanding. I work on average 10 to 12 hours a day. One of the great things about this product, when I get home after a long day at work, a lot of times I don't wash the makeup off of my face. So this forces me to wipe off the makeup and then with two pumps put it on. Within, less than a minute, I'm over and done. My nighttime routine is done in one minutes time. So, on and off, super quick, super easy, and I'm off to bed. I don't have time to spend an hour, washing my face, exfoliating, putting on five different products, waiting 10 minutes in between each product to take. I don't have time to sit in between each treatment every single night, after I've worked a full day of work. I want to be able to clean my face and go to bed. And that's as simple as it is. You wash your face, you wipe this on, you wipe it off and its done. And you see the results immediately."

Check Out Abbey's Experience!

"The Elphia Beauty Exfoliating Gel is a product that I just started using a few days ago and I'm immediately seeing results. I have used the product in the middle of the day and at night. I immediately feel much cleaner. My skin is always loaded with make-up as I'm a performer in a show. So, feeling immediately my pores tightening up. It doesn't take a lot of work to use the product, you know you don't have to use a tool or a washcloth really, you can just put it on. It's gentle, it smells great, um, I love it."

Annabel's Expert Opinion

"My name is Annabel, I'm 47 years old, or almost 47 years old, and I've been working in the esthetic industry for probably about 15 years now. And working in...I'm more on the plastic surgery side, ah where they've got every lotion and potion available to me and I'm typically the guinea pig of all those lotions and potions and what found over the years is that a lot of the products that are out there are very irritating to my skin. I like to do every step along the way. I like to cleanse, tone, treat, sunscreen. Um, one of the things I absolutely love and have just done religiously in the past is exfoliate my skin. Um, if not once a week, maybe twice a week. Um, but what I even found with those is my skin is very sensitive and I find that not all products work well with my skin. And I'm not sure if its my asian skin or what it is, but I can say that I have been introduced to a new product called Elphia, um, it's like a, I think it's like a gel, I would kind of describe it as a gel, um, and I found that after using it for about the past month, month-and-a-half, I feel like my skin not only does not get irritated, but I feel like it gives a nice really a clean pallet for my make-up my make-up and my ah treatments to go, to penetrate more effectively in my skin. And I think that it leaves me with kind of a nice glowing look to my face every single day."

Noel's Immediate Results!

"Hi, my name is Noel and I've been using the exfoliating gel by Elphia Beauty for weeks now. I find that it is a very smooth, natural product. I've used every other type of exfoliator in the past and they were all really gritty and abrasive to my face. After I got done I was red and splotchy and it felt stingy. The results with Elphia Exfoliating Gel is totally different. The first time I used it I saw immediate results. I didn't have any kind of red blotchiness. My skin was smoother and I had more of an even skin tone. But more than that, I've used every other beauty product out there and they all promise results with 7 days, 30 days and with the Exfoliating Gel by Elphia Beauty, I saw results instantly. The first time I used it I saw the results and it was wonderful. My skin was smooth, I had a more even skin tone and I didn't have any kind of red blotches."